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My name is Linus Schief, and I'm a lifelong maker, artist, designer, and weirdo! My creative and professional background is varied. From playing drums in a world-touring band to starting my own textile design company in a yurt, I have always been inventive and resourceful with whatever tools I have available. That used to look like physical tools and materials like woodworking chisels, a sewing machine, a screen and some ink, a weaving loom...but these days it is shifting into the digital realm with skills like computer programming, digital illustration, and web design.

I attended The Evergreen State College as a first-generation student from 2012 to 2016. There I started with familiar tools and soon moved into more academic pursuits like writing and critical/cultural theory. During the course of my time there, I made a Quaker-style table, a comic book, wrote braided essays, wove an homage to Ada Lovelace, 3D-printed a warp and wefted it with handspun sheep's wool, oil-painted a series on the theme of volcanoes and women's work, and engaged in collaborative projects, such as building a "Memory Palace" out of wood, 3D printed objects, and ornamental wallpaper to represent individual and collective memory.

One of my best qualities, both creatively and professionally, is that I understand how to weave a variety of things together to create something fresh yet relatable; I often find myself on the crest of the wave, tuned into the collective aesthetic, anticipating what is coming and getting excited about it. My ability to adapt and thread new ideas and information into my work makes me forever a protean and dynamic team member.

Computer Programming is fairly new to me; I was exposed to coding in a full-time college program that combined it with loom weaving. At the time, I found coding to be incomprehensible and intimidating (not to mention male-dominated). However, a few years after graduating I found myself more and more drawn to it. I thought "Why not me?" So I attended a full-stack bootcamp where I gained many useful skills and the confidence to pursue other digital-related things as well.

I've always loved design and invention, and I love to bring function and aesthetic together for a rich and exciting experience. My goal is to bring more material and textural elements to web design, to actively work against minimalism, flatness, and white supremacy. I look forward to whatever comes next!